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Sales Call Accelerator for Dynamics 365 Sales

The application adds outbound click to dial capability to Dynamics 365 Sales for fast and easy customer calling, with automatic logging of the call, and any notes, in Dynamics 365 Sales PLUS easy setup of  callbacks or the follow-up call.


         In short, it results in more calls with less effort, and ensures follow-up calls are done.

Microsoft partner
Available on the Microsoft AppSource
Microsoft partner
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Streamline your outbound operation with a Microsoft preferred telephony integration to Dynamics 365 Sales

Call Center Employee

Make more Sales calls

Just 3 clicks to complete a call

  • Click-1 dial the call flawlessly.

  • Click-2 set a follow-up call for tomorrow.

  • Click-3 save your notes and create the follow-up callgence

Simple for users

  • Fits seamlessly with your current process.

  • Call from lead, contact, account, opportunity, quote or phonecall activity.

  • Also, your customer will see your chosen number as the calling number

Easy notes and histroy

  • Creates a timeline of your previous notes for you to review during the call

  • The notes area is always visable as you browse around Dynamics 365 Sales

Keep callback promises, manage contact attempts

  • You will have the data to keep your call back promises.

  • Call backs can be prioritized to make the best use of your time.

  • Data includes the number of call back attempts and priority.

In the office, at home or on the road

  • You can use any phone or phone system for the call.

  • You can use any device & browser for the Dynamics 365 Sales: PC, MAC, Tablet or Chromebook.

Available on the Microsoft AppSource

Calls can be made from your office phone, you home phone, your mobile phone, a softphone running on your PC, etc. 


  • You can use any phone or phone system for the call.

  • Click on any phone number in Dynamics 365 Sales to dial it.

  • Automatically logs the call in Dynamics 365 Sales timeline

  • Area for user to easily add a note to the call log

  • One-click follow-up call creation

  • Easy view in Dynamics 365 of follow-up calls with last call’s note

  • Keeps count of call attempts so you know when to give up

  • Last call data filled to Dynamics 365 record, e.g. attempt number.

  • You can enter a new number for the next call attempt.

  • Set your own calling number customers will see when you call them.

  • Supports lead, opportunity, contact, account, quote and phonecall

  • Works with any phone in the world – Office, home, or mobile.

  • Fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales - no desktop install, no browser plugin

  • Works on any device: PC, MAC, tablet or Chromebook

Reviewing Paperworks
Working at Home


For the users


Single user interface for telephony and CRM.

Time saved on every call.

Less battling with CRM - more time selling

For Management

Full telephony data in CRM for analytics.

For outbound, 30% savings on staffing of campaigns.

For IT

IT will love the centralized admin and simple install options.


Quick deployment with remote online session

Comprehensive support offerings, including via local premium Microsoft Partners

Risk free free trial period

Available on the Microsoft AppSource

Easy implementation - Easy to use - Mobile & Flexible- Increased productivity - Cost efficient 


  • Requires Channel Integration Framework (CIF) CRM Solution installed.

  • Requires a CRM Solution from Dynamics Telephony installed.

  • Use Dynamics Telephony Cloud Phone System for voice connection.

  • Calls can be made from any phone you can dial. So, your office phone (if you can direct dial it), you home phone, your mobile phone, a softphone running on your PC, etc. Calls can be made to any number in the world.

  • The side panel is defined on a per Dynamics 365 Application basis, and also on a per Security Role basis. So, you can limit it to the users you want to use it.

Talking in Headset
Available on the Microsoft AppSource


Dynamics Telephony is a full service provider. This means we do not supply you with an App and let you go. We supply up-front consultation and advice before you plan for a deployment. We help with planning the deployment (we know all the pitfalls you might encounter).

We provide basic or deep customizations and we provide basic or deep integrations with your existing systems. We provide support for your testing, deployment and go-live phases. We supply training for your testers, IT and end-users.

And we provide ongoing support that keep Dynamics Telephony running smoothly in your business. And we continue that, with large or small changes to the system over the months and years - because we know: the only thing you can depend upon is change.

We are ready to be with you all the way for a long term successful relationship.

       Some Numbers

  • 21 years in business

  • 24x7 support, 365 days/year

  • Avg. customer: 60 seats

  • Busiest customer: 10,000 calls/hr

  • Smallest customer: 5 users


Our mission is simple: to provide high-quality services in a timely manner. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.

Available on the Microsoft AppSource
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