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10 reasons why Dynamics Telephony integration to Dynamics 365 improves the customer experience

  1. The telephony integration software automatically tracks calls and logs them for a permanent record of activity in Dynamics 365.

  2. The solution identifies who is calling with a screen-pop and if there is more than one contact for the calling number, a list of matching contacts will be displayed. When the caller is identified, the relevant contact information will be popped.

  3. Transferring calls includes screen transfer of the presented screen-pop.

  4. All calls statistics. e.g. call duration, number of calls, who took the call, call waiting times etc are all stored for reporting purposes in Dynamics 365.

  5. Sales and support agents can make outbound calls faster with one-click dialing or with the Dynamics 365 embedded progressive outbound dialler...all logged in Dynamics 365.

  6. Your support agents can resolve problems on the first call.

  7. Real-time updates let sales and support agents handle calls with confidence.

  8. Drastically reduced hold times mean customers get served at the earliest opportunity.

  9. Gain the ability to gather customer data with every customer interaction and make it easily accessible using one source - Dynamics 365.

  10. Dynamics 365 Dashboard analytics help you scale your operation and identify problems early.

  11. The right tools capture customer data automatically, and you can use them to get better acquainted with your customers, understand the customer journey, and continue earning their trust.

Happy customers are loyal, and they’re glad to tell others when they’ve had a good customer experience with one of their favorite brands. With lots of competition in the marketplace, businesses have to pull out all the stops to cater to their customers. The goal of improving customer experience is to meet your customers’ expectations, anticipate their future needs, and meet those.

Dynamics Telephony sole purpose is to help you navigate that Dynamics 365 CTI journey,

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