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How to improve customer service is not rocket science

Equipping contact center staff with the right tools and information helps them deliver personalized customer support. Here are some best practices to help improve the quality of service delivered through your contact center: 1. Improve data visibility

Your agents need full visibility into case details, like time and summary of the request, product or service in question, purchase history, past complaints, etc., to provide fast and accurate case resolution. A unified interface can put a complete view of customer data and interactions at your agent's fingertips.

2. Improve call management with integrated telephony

Consolidate data and access any information you need by integrating call telephony into your CRM. This also allows your agents to manage calls without switching between systems. Forwarding calls, putting customers on hold, or re-routing cases to different agents can be handled from your CRM screen.

3. Reduce manual tasks

Automating tasks like logging calls, emailing post call information, updating query-resolution status, etc., create accurate, complete records of service interaction while the agent focuses on the customer. It also increases service agent productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual updates and duplication of efforts.

4. Make knowledge easily accessible

Readily available information of your product and service information, knowledge articles, etc. helps your agents give advice or a solution for even the most complex queries, and quickly.

5. Use analytics data to improve service provider performance

To ensure customers are provided with the best service, service managers need to identify where gaps in the customer experience lie and continuously work towards bridging them. Using rich dashboards and analytics can help managers to monitor service performance and analyze what needs to be improved, and optimize performance

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