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Phone System Features Every Business Needs

Not all phone systems are created equal! And that’s the way it should be.

The needs of one business don’t necessarily match those of another business. What’s more, your own business functions probably changed drastically in the last 2 years—especially with the explosion of remote work. As such, business phone systems must be flexible and customizable, with features that can be added and subtracted without dismantling the entire system.

However, there are some features that can benefit a company no matter the sector, customer base, or number of employees. These features are renowned for boosting customer relations and employee productivity. Here, we’ve picked what we believe to be the most crucial phone system features for businesses of all sizes.

Call Control First and foremost, features that offer ‘Call Control’ are a must-have for any business or institution. This includes the ability to transfer a call, conference in another call, or place a call on hold. Even more efficient if those call controls are embedded in your CRM system.

Auto logs in CRM

Less time interacting with the CRM and more time talking to prospects due to auto logging transaction history in CRM.

Click to Dial Click on any phone number in CRM to dial it and of course automatic call logging in CRM Voice Drop feature gives the ability to select a pre-recorded message to leave in clients mailbox. Saves time while always sounding fresh and auto logged in CRM

Auto Attendant When you don’t have an actual human fielding incoming calls, the next best thing to ensuring incoming calls are transferred to the appropriate person is an Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It’s an automated system that greets customers and directs their call using a series of prompts. Call Recording One of the major conveniences of VoIP phone systems is the Call Recording feature. Once recorded, the call audio is saved in the cloud and stays there safely stored until you need to refer back to it. Greater efficiency can be had by linking the call recordings to your CRM system logging them with your clients CRM profile.

Web Callback Automatically add web enquiries as CRM leads AND pop the lead to an agent for immediate call back. You will be calling them before they can surf to your competition.

Call Reporting and Analytics are one of the major “behind the scenes” functions that can truly help keep a business on course and running smoothly. Historical call reporting and real-time analytics can be used to manage call flow. Its vital that management who is doing what and how long its taking them to do it.

Find Me/Follow Me Find Me and Follow Me are used in tandem to ensure your customers or potential clients can always reach you. To put it simply, this feature means you can set your phone calls to ring your cell phone, your home phone, or any offsite phone where you’d like your calls to be sent. This is a life saver when you have to run out unexpectedly or when you’re on the road frequently but you still like to be reachable. Flexible Call Queues While receiving more calls than you can handle is a sign that your business is popular and in demand, it can also stretch your customer service team to unreasonable limits.

Flexible Call Queues means that you can intelligently route calls based on your business needs or their status in CRM. Callers can log in and out of queues as needed, which is especially helpful in busier office settings or call centers.

Conversation Transcript.

The call transcript enables quick access to call content as well as deep analysis and keyword detection by automated tools

Personalized IVR

Because our IVR is always connected to CRM, tis knows who the caller is and can provide a personalized journey to the caller. For example, not offering options that do not apply to the caller or prompting an overdue callers to payments.

Takeaway The number of features available to you in your communication system depends greatly on the type of office phone system you use. Legacy telephone networks typically have far fewer features than VoIP systems, for example. The best way to find out what features are absolutely necessary to your business needs is to talk to someone knowledgeable in business communications. Reach out to us directly and we’ll walk you through potential products, features, and our own recommendations, plus we’ll do a complete demonstration of our features over a convenient web-based screen-sharing session. Reach Out Today And We’ll Help You Build The Phone System That’s Best For Your Business!

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