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The Importance of integrating your telephone system to Dynamics 365

Updated: May 24, 2022

Customers will always pay attention to pricing, but modern customers are also looking for companies that are responsive. With the expectations for a good customer experience at an all-time high, SMBs have to do more than the bare minimum to deliver a good customer experience. You have to go above and beyond what customers expect.

A Dynamics 365 telephone integration allows your business to provide a better customer experience by being able to have customer information appear when someone calls. This lets you tailor your customer interactions to each caller, providing a better, more personalized experience overall.

No matter the size of your business, a Dynamics 365 telephone integration is an essential component of your sales and support operations. But don’t just take our word for it – here are some of the reasons why it’s crucial for building a better customer experience.

Why a Dynamics 365 telephone Integration improves your customer experience

1. Sales and support teams can use your existing phone numbers to contact customers inside your Dynamics 365 system using a single click or for larger campaigns the Dynamics 365 embedded progressive dialer improves contact rates by up to 35%

2. A Dynamics 365 telephone integration gives you the details and data you need to get to know your customers and begin building relationships that set you apart from the competition. This leads to better customer service overall, and better customer service reduces churn.

3. It keeps your customer and telephony activity data organized in Dynamics 365, making it accessible to sales and support teams and other departments.

4. A Dynamics 365 integration helps you identify marketing trends that will help you set up timely promotions to optimize product sales.

7. You get the benefit of automation, which increases productivity and efficiency, and also facilitates business growth by making processes scalable and repeatable.

8. You can store call recordings and other historical data automatically in Dynamics 365 for continual reference.

9. Dashboard analytics generate automated reports that provide insight into your business activity to inform decision-making.

10.It syncs your telephony and customer data, in a single source of data that is Dynamics 365 an accessible place for everyone who needs it within your organization.

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