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What does computer telephone integration (CTi) mean:

CTi, short for Computer Telephony Integration, refers to technology that allows computers to interact with telephone systems. It enables the integration of computer and telephone systems to create more efficient communication processes and to enhance the functionalities available through traditional telephony. Here are some key functions and benefits of CTi:

1. Call Control: CTi allows users to manage phone calls through their computer, including making, receiving, and ending calls. This often includes advanced features like call transfer, hold, and conference calling.

2. Screen Pop: When a call comes in, CTi can automatically display relevant information about the caller on the computer screen. This information might come from a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, showing the caller's history, previous interactions, and other relevant data.

3. Automated Dialing: CTi systems can automate the dialing process, which includes predictive dialing, power dialing, and auto-dialing, reducing the time spent manually dialing numbers and improving efficiency.

4. Call Routing: Calls can be routed automatically based on predefined rules, such as directing a customer to the appropriate department or agent based on their input or previous interactions.

5. Voicemail Management: Integration with voicemail systems allows users to manage voicemails through their computer, including listening to, saving, deleting, and forwarding voicemail messages.

6. Call Recording and Monitoring: CTi systems can record calls for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes. It also allows for real-time monitoring of calls, which can be useful for training and supervisory purposes.

7. Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: CTi systems often come with advanced reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into call volumes, durations, wait times, agent performance, and other key metrics.

9. Integration with Business Applications: CTi can integrate with various business applications, such as CRM systems, help desk software, and customer service platforms, improving workflow and data management.

CTi is widely used in call centers, customer service departments, and any business that relies heavily on telephone communication to improve productivity, enhance customer service, and streamline operations.

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