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Why link your website and Dynamics 365

Integrating your websites with your Dynamics 365 has a number of benefits to your marketing including processes, automation, seamless management and better communications.

Quite often, a business owner, when launching the official website of his company hopes that the presence of this resource will not only increase sales but also conquer new sales markets located in other regions. In order for the site to start consistently bringing in applications from new customers, it is necessary to constantly work with it, as well as integrated it with your CRM.

Carrying out the integration of CRM and setting up the system with the site is a mandatory stage in the development and scaling of any business. CRM integration with the website and your telephone system allows you to prevent the loss of leads and process all incoming applications.

The main benefits are:

  • User experience Improvement

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Improved analytics and monitoring

In addition, the website and CRM integration allow you to:

  • Increased sales from your marketing

  • Set automatic algorithms for processing incoming requests.

  • Synchronize the CRM system with telephony - create outbound calling campaigns from website leads

  • Standardization of communication with clients. 100% processing of all incoming calls and requests from the site.

  • Additional opportunities for corporate internal communication and communication with customers.

  • Increased productivity and less administration work

  • No time wasted on data entry

  • Better customer profiling - determine what they might purchase, their lifetime value etc.

By integrating your website with your CRM, you will get a fuller, more complete picture of your customer’s interactions with your organisation, from initial enquiry to sales, communications and eventual feedback. It gives you access to more reliable and consistent information. You are better informed about your customers and you’ve better visibility of your customer’s behaviour and buying habits.

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