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Sales Accelerator - Trouble shooting guide

You may see a message in the Sales Call Accelerator (SCA) panel. Here is help for each of these messages

For advanced troubleshooting, you can open the browser console. You can filter messages in the console using the text DT. Here is a sample of a good startup and call showing notifications are disabled in the browser by the user.

20:09:44 DT : Handle registered successfully.20:09:44 DT : Notification Permission Denied. Upcoming call notifications are disabled.20:09:44 DT : _cParams : enableFollowUp:true20:10:47 DT : clickToActHandler:Param : {“value”:”5550101″,”name”:”telephone1″,”format”:”Phone”,”entityLogicalName”:”contact”,”entityId”:”dcb1b095-a17e-ec11-8d21-000d3a6599ad”,”recordTitle”:”John Smith”}20:10:47 DT : Call(0768561713, 075550101)20:10:47 DT : Inside Call() channel:0768561713, number:07555010120:10:48 DT : clicked page environment : {“appid”:”0468e89e-ae44-ea11-a813-000d3a654590″,”etn”:”contact”,”id”:”dcb1b095-a17e-ec11-8d21-000d3a6599ad”,”pagetype”:”entityrecord”,”clientUrl”:””,”appUrl”:”″,”orgLcid”:1033,”orgUniqueName”:”org55d82660″,”orgId”:”470dbc79-bb81-4946-ab66-3e1b2241b628″,”userId”:”{AAEB5C64-FB48-EA11-A813-000D3AB4F1B4}”,”userLcid”:1033,”username”:”# Patrick Jones”,”crmVersion”:”9.2.22103.00194″,”cifVersion”:”″,”isDirty”:false,”customParams”:”{\”f\” : true, \”a\”: \”\”, \”b\”: \”qW23E1as90frt-der\”, \”c\”: \”\”, \”d\”: \”wd3\”}”}20:10:48 DT : NOT in Quote so leaving entity as contact20:10:48 DT : createCallActivity()20:10:48 DT : getEntityData() OK. callattempt:null20:10:51 DT : createCallActivity() – record created successfully, activity id:70ea2ec0-a16a-ed11-9561-0022489bd91f20:10:58 DT : call request done:ok

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