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VoIP-Dynamics 365 integration - a cost effective solution

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are typically more affordable than traditional landlines, and the industry is growing rapidly. Globally, the market for VoIP technology is expected to reach around $102.5 billion by 2026.

Sales teams are also finding that using telephony in conjunction with a CRM solution increases calling efficiency significantly, converting more leads and closing more deals. CRM telephony seems to be the wave of the future in sales.

Also a cost-effective solution, there are several reasons sales teams tend to implement VoIP into their sales processes. We’ve gathered 6 best practices to help you use CRM Telephony integration to drive sales.

Collect and use the right data

  • Make sure your CRM will allow you to collect, store, and access all of the relevant information you may need to have well-informed sales calls. The right data may differ for different organizations and industries, Having the right data on the person you’re calling before making the call will ensure you can engage them on a personal level.

Use auto-dialing to increase productivity

  • Auto-dialing features that are offered by some CRMs can be highly effective at increasing productivity. To accomplish this, you’ll need to filter out the list of leads that you want to reach out to based on specified criteria. Then, you can activate an auto-dialer, and the system will place a call to each person on that list, in order, without you having to click to dial each one, saving you significant time.

Pre-recorded voicemail message drops

  • Implement a CRM that includes voicemail drops to save yourself time and energy when making calls. Voicemail drops allow you to pre-record voicemails for different scenarios, such as new leads, follow-ups, or check-ins, for example. If no one answers, you simply click the voicemail you want to leave, and it drops it into their voicemail box. No need to leave a new voicemail each time

Leverage automatic follow up emails

  • A good CRM with telephony integration might also offer the ability to automatically send pre-drafted follow up emails once a call is completed. It’s one of many post-call automations available to users with more advanced CRMs. With a single click of the mouse, you can send one of the various emails you have pre-drafted. This can save you time and ensures your follow-up emails are timely and always on message.

Record all calls

  • Assuming you have chosen the right CRM and integrated a solid telephony app, you should have the ability to record your calls. Typically, this is done with a simple click of the mouse when the call begins. A recording is stored in the CRM, and you can go back to review it if there is anything you need to recall from the conversation. All of the call recordings for each contact are automatically stored in the contact record.

Review call recordings

  • Call recordings can be very helpful when training new reps, particularly if they are not familiar with telephony apps. Sales managers can also review call recordings and identify areas for improvement. They can also review them to identify what the rep is doing well and give them recognition for their good work. Reviewing call recordings allow managers to bring new reps up to speed quicker, so they can close more deals in less time.

Conclusion - VoIP-Dynamics 365 integration telephony integration increases productivity

By leveraging VoIP-Dynamics 365 integration, your sales reps can make more calls in less time, have more engaging conversations due to the massive amount of insight in front of them, and dramatically increase their calling productivity. Many sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before making a call to convert. This can be a thing of the past when you leverage CRM and telephony to drive your sales calling efforts. VoIP Dynamics 365 telephony increases productivity

Dynamics Telephony offers Dynamics 365 telephony that will allow you to take customer interaction to the next level with industry-leading telephony capabilities and third-party integrations. As an all-in-one CRM solution, it can help your team execute on the best practices outlined here and take their sales to the next level.


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