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Benefits of VoIP to Dynamics 365 integration

VoIP integration with Dynamics 365 equals more queries handled, more leads in the pipeline and happier staff. Multiple manual tasks use up valuable hours for sales, support, and call center agents during their working day. Besides, manual tasks come with their share of errors, which can be costly for your business.

Dynamics Telephony allows you to sync Dynamics 365 with your phone system. Integration between a phone system and Dynamics 365 removes redundant manual tasks, increasing performance and revenue.

Switching between the phone system and Dynamics 365 disturbs the workflow, wasting precious time, energy, and effort. Instead of attending to customers or connecting with prospects, agents end up spend more time on manual tasks.

This is where a VoIP integration to Dynamics 365 comes in handy.

By syncing all the important information between the phone system and Dynamics 365, agents are relieved of more than half of their workload. After ending a call with a customer, agents don’t need to feed the details into the Dynamics 365 manually.

Dynamics Telephony integration automatically saves the call and customer details into the Dynamics 365. You no longer need to waste time on data entry during or after the customer call. Instead, your sales reps can spend those valuable hours interacting with customers without any interruption.

Here are a few benefits of VoIP and Dynamics 365 integration:

  • Effective Data Collection

It helps to record every bit of data from start to end in an organized manner.

  • Make Calls Directly from the CRM

VoIP CRM integration increases functionalities but eliminates unnecessary manual steps from the process. VoIP integration lets you make calls directly from the CRM.

  • Streamlines Post-Call Actions

Dynamics 365 VoIP integration streamlines all the post-call actions for agents. Instead of manually recording information about each call, the VoIP phone integration automatically syncs information from the phone system into Dynamics 365.

For follow-up actions after calls, call disposition codes automatically trigger a series of follow-up emails, messages, calls, or any other action.

  • Save time by making calls directly from Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 telephone integration increases functionalities but eliminates unnecessary manual steps from the process. VoIP integration lets you make calls directly from Dynamics 365 with one mouse click.

The most cumbersome part of an agent’s job is the time lag between looking up contact details and making/attending calls. Getting rid of this time-consuming gap means agents have more time in hand to make more calls.

And again, all call details (call time, duration, etc.) are logged in Dynamics 365 against the customer contact.

  • Review performance with combined reporting

With the integration, you can also access important call statistics. This is where you can view all the metrics around your outgoing and incoming calls.

You can track metrics like the number of calls, outbound and inbound; how much time was spent on each call, and so on. Reports can be customized with Power BI

  • Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Switching between platforms during initial engagement with customers to get the correct data consumes critical time and bandwidth. No caller enjoys repeating the information they have shared or waiting for reps to find the necessary files.

With Dynamics Telephony integration, you do not have to toggle between multiple programs and devices. They have immediate access to all the essential details from the moment they pick up a customer call – all in Dynamics 365.

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