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Dynamics 365 telephony integration improves the customer experience

CRM's is becoming more integral to everyday business operations, as companies learn to make the most of CRM solutions for tasks ranging from lead generation, website personalization, marketing automation, sales forecasting, account management, and more.

One such CRM is Dynamics 365 which is designed to consolidate a company’s data from various departments such as sales, marketing, finance, and customer service into a single system that can be accessed from any web-enabled device. It also enables users to not only work with data but also take action across departments and functions within an organization so all teams can work together to improve the customer experience.

Integrating Dynamics 365 with your telephone system offers an expansive array of benefits for business growth. It leads to increased organizational productivity and efficiency by bringing together all data and processes into a single place and platform.

Dynamics 365 telephony integration also improves an organization’s customer experience because the unified user interface can serve as the central hub for all customer information, from the first point of contact to the most recent transaction with full reporting capability of all activity, for both CRM and telephony.

Some strategies for a rock-solid Dynamics 365 telephony integration

  1. Use call routing to ensure that calls are automatically routed to the right agent or department based on the customer’s needs. Doing so will reduce wait times and improve the customer experience.

  2. Always enable click-to-call functionality within the Dynamics 365, allowing agents to make outbound calls directly from the Dynamics 365

interface easily. The team will benefit from saved time and increased efficiency.

  1. Capture call data including collecting data on call duration, call reason, and any notes taken during the call. These data touchpoints can help the team to understand customer needs and behavior and improve future interactions.

  2. Reporting and analytics tools can provide invaluable insights into key metrics such as call volumes, call lengths, and customer behavior. This data can then be used to identify areas for improvement and optimize customer service operations.


Implementing these strategies empowers businesses to achieve a seamless Dynamics 365 telephony integration and provide more personalized and efficient customer service while streamlining operations, all at the same time.


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