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Make customers pay for customer service

Customers will pay for better customer service. It's just up to you to figure out how to implement that.

For example, imagine a customer waiting in a contact centre queue. Once they figure out the wait time might be 10, 20 or 30 minutes, won't they pay £5 to skip the queue? Implementing that might be difficult, I hear you say.

Well, airlines have managed to do something similar. You pay more now for being allowed to board first. And they are even threatening to ask you to pay to go to the toilet. You cannot deny they are hugely successful with their models. So how can you take a page out of their book?

People do really value their time. And they do value better personal customer service. Certainly if they are calling your customer service line, they value the personal service you offer.

The solution is to unify your phone system and CRM. Here's how it can work. When a caller joins your customer service contact center queue, the phone system queries your CRM to see if they are paying for premium customer service. It will depend on your own business what premium really means. It could be that they actually pay for it, or it could be that "premium service" is part of the more expensive tiers or bundles of your offerings. Or it could even be calculated based on the actual value in the CRM of the caller's business with you.

If the caller is "priority" in your CRM, the phone system will put them to the top of the queue, skipping those who are not premium. If you are worried about being sure the caller is the actual owner of the calling phone, you can implement a PIN system to verify the caller.

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