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Save money, time and effort with Dynamics PHONE System

Updated: May 23, 2022

Choose a competitively priced cloud-based solution built on ease of use, consistent customer support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 approved integration, and more

When running an effective contact center, there are several communications characteristics you absolutely need to see in your system—including pristine call quality, ease of use, remote staffing and more.

It’s key to partner with a provider who understands your business distinct needs. This includes response times and queue statistics, call routing, and reasonably timed callbacks. With your bottom line of utmost importance, receiving the best value-add is top priority.

Getting the Best Dynamics 365 integration

Dynamics PHONE system was specially designed to integrate seamless with Dynamics 365. We do not integrate with any other CRM’s which ensures our development team sole focus is adding features and functionality that enhance your customer’s experience within Dynamics 365. The Dynamics Telephony application is embedded in Dynamics 365 (no separate server or window) which means you control all your business from Dynamics 365, call statistics, call logging is all stored in Dynamics 365.

Standard Features that enhance the customer experience

It’s also important to seek a provider willing to work with you on features and functionality as well as competitive pricing. This could be advanced reporting, offering callbacks to callers when the volume is high or real-time dashboards for managers to see the status of callers in their contact centers. In the current work-from-home and hybrid landscape, we ensure consistency and reliability, regardless of where employees are located. A cloud-based solution gives contact center agents full access to professional, clear audio they’d experience just as if they were working at the office. This also includes additional services including video calls, texting, online chats, and other popular communication mediums.

With any good CRM telephony integration, it makes sense to automate and use the CRM tools that will save you time and money, for example, based of the outcome of the call, you can trigger workflows to send out emails, documents, set up follow up call etc.

Once implemented within your contact center, we can help train and guide your employees on the new system. Available online, we’ll even develop a comprehensive, customized plan that’s specific to your employee and company needs.

Dynamics PHONE System: Helping business's save Time & Money

If you have any questions, we’re a click call away to help.

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